JOHN CHASE SAYS Reason with me. inga for real seeks to empower you. inga for real seeks to expand your mind. inga for real seeks to educate the world on what it means to be real. I am the youngest of ten. My parents were married in 1951. My dad was a true hunter in every sense of the word. He provided for many people, including his own. My mom was a true homemaker in every sense of the word. She took care of many people, including her own. They are my role models. Choose a role model and do what’s in your power to be one approved by them.

Join us in a commitment to make on-going improvements. Make on-going improvements within yourself. You have the power to make change. You’ve got it.

I hope our products motivate you to realize your potential. I hope our products inspire you to learn more. I hope our products challenge you to make your world a better place. Your world may be different than mine. I recognize that. REASON WITH ME.

ANDREI JACOBS SAYS People inspire me. And I seek to provide customers an excellent product. My name is Andrei Jacobs and I was raised in Bethel, Alaska.

One of my important Quinhagak inspirations was over soup. Salmon and beach green soup bubbled and Yup’ik words floated like the warm aroma. Toddlers speaking perfect Yup’ik inspired me.

Manhattan’s ‘A’ train is one of my inspirations too. Sardine-packed subway riders tell rich New Yorkers’ stories. Everyone is different and so am I. I love New York.

inga for real seeks to provide superior products that convey inspirations from the tundra and the world. ifr seeks to model, challenge, inspire, enable and encourage other leaders like you. REASON WITH ME