eskimos for Jesus
Jesus has effected people for thousands of years, including the Eskimos. Some Eskimos like Jesus. Eskimos for Jesus.

inga for real
Support inga for real and buy a company shirt! inga for real

kusquqvak fisher
kuskokwim fisher

a great hunter and provider
A nukalpiaq is a young man generally. Yet more women are being called a nukalpiaq as told by family and friends. Gives generously to their community. nukalpiaq

maybe you did not really want to make me a small airplane?
A leading expert in Yup’ik language discussed with ifr co-owner John Chase the spelling of the longest word in Yup’ik. This shirt is controversial to some Yup’ik speakers. Some say ifr is leaving out critical Yup’ik base words. Others say this can be said much simpler and is inaccurate. tengssuucecuaraliyukapigtellrunricugnarpenga-qaa?

big phat uppa
big phat grandpa
Uppa’s are phat! They’ve got knowledge and skills to teach others. Promote self- esteem in uppas! Collect the line of products. big phat uppa

hardcore yurarta
hardcore dancer
A dancer. Be spiritual! Yupiit dance to make prayer. John loves yuraq-ing in front of old Native women. They move their necks to the beat. He says they are his biggest fans. hardcore yurarta

hardcore qimugcista
hardcore dog-musher
Dog-mushing is a lifestyle for many. These hardcore qimugcistas work long hours feeding, running, and taking care of sled dogs. Some hardcore qimugcistas include: Larry Chase, Willie Ekamrak, Angela Denning-Barnes, and Tim Osmar. hardcore qimugcista

I'm the anaq!
i’m the anaq!
i’m the shit!
ifr seeks to empower you. You can demonstrate self-esteem in an ifr shirt. Take action. Tell others- i’m the anaq!

master akutaq-whipper
master eskimo ice cream whipper
Naughty mothers whip Eskimo ice cream ingredients in oversized aluminum bowls. Akutaq ingredients may include berries, sugar, fat, water, tundra and beach greens, and powdered mashed potatoes. master akutaq-whipper

multiply natives multiply
In Fall 2003 US Senator Ted Stevens (R, Alaska) discussed how the number of tribes and growth of young Alaska Natives ‘threatened’ Alaska’s statehood. This design was inspired by Stevens. The story of the creation of man and woman in Genesis of the Bible compells mankind to multiply. multiply natives multiply!

hot eskimo sex
hot eskimo sex
Check this out….Since January 2004, the number of reported HIV cases has tripled in the Bethel area. In July 2004 the state of Alaska cut nursing jobs that monitored an increasing STD & HIV workload. Andrei wanted the shirt to be bright and loud. Southwest Alaska people are generally quiet and reserved. This shirt had to be the opposite. hot eskimo sex is a great conversation starter. Observe how others respond to you. hot eskimo sex

i love to pukuk!
i love to suck meat clinging to bones!
Chefornak boy Ossie Kairaiuak, was eating Native foods in July 2003. While brainstorming with John and Andrei themes, Ossie realized he was doing perhaps one of his most favorite things. He was using Eskimo table manners while he ate. The design was born. People around the world enjoy sucking meat clinging to bones. Celebrate Eskimo table manners. Use your fingers! i love to pukuk!

person from bethel
This is one of the original shirts ifr began with at Bethel’s 4th of July underneath a blue tarp. John and Andrei made an event out of their booth. It was the day that confirmed for them the desire to lead in business. mamterillermiu

person from Napaskiak
Napaskiak was first reported by the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey in 1867. The 1880 U.S. Census reported a population of 196. There are now about 419 people there. What up to Naspaskiarmiu’s!

mamterilleq, usa
bethel, usa
Bethel was first established by Yup’ik Eskimos who called the village Mamterilleq meaning “Smokehouse People,” named for the nearby fish smokehouse. There were 41 people in Bethel during the 1880 U.S. Census. Andrei likes this design because of the ‘usa’ part. Mamterilleq is America, a unique place in America. mamterilleq, usa

i’m a real person

big phat piipiq
big phat piipiq
big phat baby
John says – fat cheeks, plump thighs, the smell of Coltrane’s fat rolls and fatness give me a reason to live. I love Coltrane. My baby is phat! big phat piipiq

sweet little aana
sweet little mom

native rock star
The Funky Eskimos are native rock stars. Don, Ralph, Kevin and Chris rocked the University of Alaska Fairbanks and showed us that we can be native rock stars too. native rock star

person from the coast

person from the tundra
John’s family is from the tundra village of Nunapitchuk, which is 28 miles from Mamterilleq, USA by snowmachine. The tundra villages are: Akiuk, Akula, Atmauthluak, and Nunapicuaq. akulmiu

love those aamaqs
love those aamaqs!
love those breasts!
Co-Owner John Chase and a Cup’ik Eskimo mother were talking about how ifr seeks to empower Alaskans. In particular they discussed mothers and newborn children. The mom said, “why don’t you do a shirt on aamaq-ing (i.e. breastfeeding children)”. We agreed. She said, “I know ‘love those aamaqs!’

savage ind’n savage indian
Celebrate civility!

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